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Trieste in one day: must-see attractions

Piazza Unità d'Italia

Sometimes it happens that only a short visit to Trieste can be had. If there is not much time to fully enjoy the city and its surroundings, you can always visit the main attractions. Here is an itinerary so you can enjoy the essential parts of the city.

Palazzo del Governo in Piazza Unità a Trieste

Palazzo del Governo in Piazza Unità a Trieste. Foto di Gerhard Bögner

Let’s start at the largest sea-side square in Europe. Look up and observe the austere and elegant buildings of Piazza Unità d’Italia. In front of the square, you will find Molo Audace, where you can glimpse Piazza Unità with the hill of San Giusto behind it.

Molo Audace Trieste

Molo Audace. Foto di Helena Volpi

A walk through the alleys behind Piazza Unità is a must: you will find the former Ghetto and the Roman Theatre. From there you can climb the hill and reach the Roman ruins of Tergeste, the Castle, and the Cathedral of San Giusto.

Cattedrale di S Giusto Trieste

Cattedrale di S. Giusto. Foto di Gerhard Bögner

At this point, walk back towards the Cavana neighborhood and head towards Piazza Venezia. Next to it, you can visit the Revoltella Museum of Contemporary Art with its very interesting permanent exhibition. Also reserve some time to visit the Baron Revoltella’s residence and access the museum’s terrace, where you can enjoy a beautiful panorama of the city.

Now we recommend taking some transport to visit Miramare Castle and its Park.

Castello di Miramare Trieste

Castello di Miramare. Foto di Zoltan Suga

Discover the history and secrets of the Castle with a guided tour, walk through the Miramare Park and take a look at the marine reserve. Return to the city center and enjoy the Barcola waterfront along the way, a favourite place for the people of Trieste to go to the sea.

Palazzo Gopcevich sul Canal Grande -Trieste

Palazzo Gopcevich sul Canal Grande Foto di marantoni2004

If you finish your route in Canal Grande, you can take in the splendid Palazzo Gopcevich, and a little farther along there is the Chiesa Serbo-Ortodossa (Serbian Orthodox Church).

Chiesa serbo-ortodossa a Trieste

Chiesa serbo-ortodossa. Foto di Gerhard Bögner

You can walk most of this itinerary, but if you are short on time you might consider using the HopTour, the city’s hop-on hop-off tourist bus that covers all the points of interest we have suggested.

If you finish your journey along the Grand Canal you are already a few steps from La Residenza Le 6A. After such an intense day, you can enjoy an aperitif, perhaps in one of the cafés frequented by James Joyce, to think over what you have seen in just a few hours and plan your next trip to Trieste. You already know where to stay!

Residenza Le 6 A Trieste

Le 6 A – B&B rooms

Every room has a woman’s name starting with A: Annetta, Amalia, Angiolina, Ada, Alberta e Augusta. They are the names of the female characters of the famous writer from Trieste Italo Svevo.
B&B rooms with kitchenette

La Settima A - studios with kitchenette

Anna Livia, our seventh A, is the protagonist of an episode of Finnegans Wake. Joyce took inspiration from Livia Veneziani, the wife of Italo Svevo. Giacomo, Nora, Stanislaus, Eileen, Sinico: every room is a small studio with a kitchenette and relates to the writings of Joyce when he lived in Trieste