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Trieste Sea: where to go to the beach in Trieste

foto di Giovanni Cossetto

Beaches in Trieste city can be reached by taking the bus just a few steps from La Residenza.

Our city is a city of the sea. You inhale the sea in the air, and it is a presence during everyday life and major events. The phrase ‘Trieste sea’ means not only Porto or Barcolana but also beaches to be enjoyed: as soon as the temperature allows it and there is a bit of sun, people go to the sea, or rather ‘to bathe’.

In Trieste, the sea is home

Wherever you start, you reach the sea fast: whether by public transport, on foot, by bike – now available for rent in various parts of the city – you can take a short dip, what the people of Trieste call a ‘Toc‘. When you have an hour, roll up a towel with a swimsuit, grab your flip-flops, and enjoy the beach.

The sea in Trieste seems little more than the distance between the kitchen, the hallway and the bathroom at home. This attitude sometimes escapes our visitors when they are immersed in the austere architecture of the centre, but for those who live in Trieste, going to the sea is another part of the house. People say ‘n’demo al bagno‘ (going swimming) rather than ‘let’s go to the sea‘. Once there, they dive in like an ‘atomic bomb’, a ‘clanfa’, or a ‘piron’.

To better understand this bond with the sea, we recommend reading ‘Trieste sottosopra (Upside Down Trieste)’ by Mauro Covacich, ‘Trieste selvatica (Wild Trieste)’ by Luigi Nacci or ‘I mari di Trieste (The Seas of Trieste)’ by Federica Manzon.

Trieste Sea in the city

Now let’s talk about the beaches in Trieste that can be reached by bus from the centre. With this easy access, in just a few minutes you will find yourself in a swimsuit refreshing yourself in the water.

This somewhat Jamaican soul of Trieste is a bit different from the better-known Habsburg one, but that’s Trieste for you: precisely because it is a city of the sea, it is a melting pot of different people with sometimes contrasting peculiarities.

In addition, another fairly unique characteristic is the presence of a large free beach just a stone’s throw from the city centre. Some historic establishments frequented by generation of visitors provide a wealth of facilities for those who want them.

Beaches in Trieste starting from La Residenza

Just a few steps from our front entrance is the Piazza della Repubblica, where you can take line 9, which takes you to Bagno Ausonia in just 10 minutes. You may find that the slightly decadent style of its historic rationalist architecture gives it even more charm.

At the same bus stop, you will find another historic establishment, La Lanterna (known as El Pedocin to the locals). This beach famously is the only one left in Italy that has separate sections for women and men. This establishment is managed by the municipality, and access costs 1 euro (the price may vary from year to year but it is always low).

These are the city establishments on one side of the gulf, but if we want to go towards Miramare Castle and reach the free beach of Barcola, in less than 10 minutes from La Residenza you can reach the bus stop for lines 6 or 36, which then lead directly to the Pineta It is impossible not to find regulars playing cards or bowls in the shade of the pines; the pinewood also has spaces for exercise, children’s play areas and of course kiosks that offer drinks and quick meals. It is possible to go into the sea through the dedicated stairs, or like true locals, diving from the rocks. The Pineta can also be reached by the Delfino Verde, a ferry that departs near Piazza Unità, also near our facility. In that case, the journey will be a bit longer but definitely more scenic. The Barcola waterfront extends to Miramare Castle, then after the pinewood, the uncovered part reaches Miramare Park. Just before reaching the park, we find another establishment for those who prefer a day of comfort: Sticco Mare. In that case, however, we recommend reaching it by getting off at the nearest stop on one of the indicated lines.

Trieste and its surroundings offer many possibilities when heading towards the Bay of Sistiana or towards the town of Muggia. There are other seaside areas, but the ones we have talked about are the city beaches, where you can spend a few invigorating hours before further exploring Trieste.


Ph. Giovanni Cossetto

Residenza Le 6 A Trieste

Le 6 A – B&B rooms

Every room has a woman’s name starting with A: Annetta, Amalia, Angiolina, Ada, Alberta e Augusta. They are the names of the female characters of the famous writer from Trieste Italo Svevo.
B&B rooms with kitchenette

La Settima A - studios with kitchenette

Anna Livia, our seventh A, is the protagonist of an episode of Finnegans Wake. Joyce took inspiration from Livia Veneziani, the wife of Italo Svevo. Giacomo, Nora, Stanislaus, Eileen, Sinico: every room is a small studio with a kitchenette and relates to the writings of Joyce when he lived in Trieste