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Visiting Trieste and the Carso by bike

Cycling tourism is gaining importance in our territory: a different way of travelling, more sustainable and free.

Bikes for everyone

Visiting Trieste and its surroundings by bike is possible,both for those who organize a vacation starting from home on their bikeand for those who want to use one only sometimes: one can rent a bike in Trieste or in Carso or take advantage of the bike-sharing service ‘bits’, which has also placed 10 stations in strategic points around the city, from the train station to museums.


A wide choice of routes

The conformation of the territory of Trieste, with the Carso overlooking the sea, offers different panoramic paths that can also be covered by bike.

The landscape is no less fascinating when heading inland with the charming views of the Natural Reserve of Val Rosandra, where the Giordano Cottur cycle path passes. This cycle path is also part of the most challenging TBT – Trieste by Trail – dedicated to mountain bikes, which can provide a real achievement with its 160 kilometres in length and its 3300 meters of altitude change.

Connections for cyclists throughout Friuli Venezia Giulia

When thinking of visiting our region in several stages, you can organize your bike trip using the wide range of public transport for cyclists that connects all of Friuli Venezia Giulia, giving full freedom for your ideal vacation.

Stalli bici B&B TriesteB&B with the bike and MTB stalls

Guests of La Residenza Le 6A can leave their bikes in the reserved stalls located in the internal courtyard of the building. So, there is no need to worry while deciding to get off the saddle to visit the centre on foot and enjoy our beautiful city in total serenity and autonomy.

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Residenza Le 6 A Trieste

Le 6 A – B&B rooms

Every room has a woman’s name starting with A: Annetta, Amalia, Angiolina, Ada, Alberta e Augusta. They are the names of the female characters of the famous writer from Trieste Italo Svevo.
B&B rooms with kitchenette

La Settima A - studios with kitchenette

Anna Livia, our seventh A, is the protagonist of an episode of Finnegans Wake. Joyce took inspiration from Livia Veneziani, the wife of Italo Svevo. Giacomo, Nora, Stanislaus, Eileen, Sinico: every room is a small studio with a kitchenette and relates to the writings of Joyce when he lived in Trieste