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When to visit Miramare Castle Park

Parco Miramare Trieste

Miramare Castle is one of the beautiful places Trieste is famous for. This white castle overlooking the sea is a fairy tale setting. What makes it even more majestic and beloved is its park, which has recently been restored in several places. What makes it even more majestic and beloved is its park, which has recently been restored in several places.

Italian garden fountain

Park history

Considered one of the largest parks in Italy, it covers 22 hectares with trees and plants from all over the world. Ferdinando Massimiliano Giuseppe d’Asburgo was passionate about botany and himself identified the spur of rock as the site of the park, which was originally conceived as an experimental station for reforestation and acclimatization of rare botanical species.

According to the design by Bohemian architect Anton Jelinek, the Grignano promontory was flattened and covered with soil specially brought from Styria and Carinthia. Walking in the park, you will identify two distinct areas: one is a forest with paths, ponds and gazebos. The other area, more sheltered from the wind, is characterized by geometric spaces, greenhouses and Italian gardens.

This peaceful place, given its size, allows you to walk around and enjoy the beautiful views in complete tranquillity.

Stazione Treni Miramare

Our gem: a spectacular detour

In one of our recent articles, we suggested alternative routes to the park, including the evocative Miramare station. Once you leave the park and reach this station, take path 009, which leads to Contovello. A steep staircase climbs through a forest of oaks, maples and hornbeams. Once you reach Contovello, you can walk among vineyards and ancient wells, satisfied by a view that embraces our entire gulf. This is a challenging uphill trail but worth it.HGolfo Trieste da Contovello


Sito ufficiale: https://www.miramare.beniculturali.it/il-parco/

Residenza Le 6 A Trieste

Le 6 A – B&B rooms

Every room has a woman’s name starting with A: Annetta, Amalia, Angiolina, Ada, Alberta e Augusta. They are the names of the female characters of the famous writer from Trieste Italo Svevo.
B&B rooms with kitchenette

La Settima A - studios with kitchenette

Anna Livia, our seventh A, is the protagonist of an episode of Finnegans Wake. Joyce took inspiration from Livia Veneziani, the wife of Italo Svevo. Giacomo, Nora, Stanislaus, Eileen, Sinico: every room is a small studio with a kitchenette and relates to the writings of Joyce when he lived in Trieste